This year: Love

To my beloved friends. Another year is rolling around…

My word for 2016 was “Time”, and every day, that bitch woke me, kicked my ass out of bed, looked me square in the eyes and knocked my socks off by showing me how extraordinary my life really is.

I really am one of the lucky ones. As the 365 pages of my 2016 book unfolded, time has helped my heart and mind heal thanks to some once-in-a-lifetime moments with new and old friends, family and colleagues.

Time has allowed me to connect with new and old friends, travel, launch into a new career that allowed me to be ever-present for Kedda’s last first day of school, see her head off to work after school, save her money and handle her final exams like a boss (with excellent results).

What my 2016 word taught me is that time is too slow if I wait, too swift if I fear, too long if I grieve and too short when I rejoice. But with your friendship and love, time is eternal. I am so grateful to have you part of my ‘time’ – now and always.

My word for 2017 is “Love” – to abundantly give and receive. Thank you for your LOVE and friendship. Happy New Year!!!!!

Sending love,



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