Kirsten lowis

Her Journey Continues…


SHE… is a passionate and committed business enthusiast, specialising in business valuation and sales. She has also started and sold her own businesses, along the way understanding the demands of working as a business owner at the coalface.

As the Founder and Senior Consultant of Zoom in Business, Publishing Editor of Zoom in Business Magazine and creator of the popular series “Let’s talk business. How to buy, grow, value and sell a business” and “90 Day Business Challenge”, Kirsten is an avid writer/blogger helping small business owners understand the often overlooked “business” of business.

With hundreds of hours of attending and facilitating personal development workshops, training, mentoring and networking, Kirsten has developed a ‘win-win’ attitude and optimism balanced with a healthy dose of excellent business acumen.  She has worked closely with fellow professionals, hundreds of clients and the best facilitators in Australia who have run their own business or have experience in running a business and team.

Kirsten’s core strengths are determining value and risk in a business.  She is also exceptional at promoting, networking, communicating, training and leading combined with discipline, determination, accountability and a great deal of common-sense.  She has a thirst for knowledge and self-education through people, reading, listening, watching and applying new ideas and embracing opportunities.  This philosophy has become a very important and significant part of her own development and the development of others she employs/works with.  Her team are outstanding professionals who also strive to be exceptional business owners/entrepreneurs.

Keeping value always at the forefront in her transactions, Kirsten has ensured that she learned the process of trademarking her own brands (Bizrich and Zoom in Business) and creating value in her own company so she can increase and teach the methodologies of ‘value’ in business to her clients.

Calling herself a ‘business-for-life student’, she is always reading, studying, reviewing and applying information from the hundreds of books, seminars, courses and classes she’s attended over the years, bringing great value and leverage to her clients.

As a licensed Business Broker, Registered Business Valuer and trusted advisor to hundreds of business owners, Kirsten’s core purpose is to help business teams, managers and owners.  Her greatest joy is to see her clients create businesses that work FOR them instead of BECAUSE of them and she has proved this time and time again always leading by example with her passionate and enthusiastic attitude to achieving goals.

Her blog is largely written from her many years of first-hand experience as an employee, manager, start up business owner and entrepreneur who has purchased, started and sold her own businesses, as well as being a trusted advisor, valuer and broker selling businesses for others.  During each process, she has worked with hundreds of business owners, employees and their trusted consultants, accountants and legal advisors who are integral to the process of creating a ready, attractive and profitable business.

Her ambition is driven from a desire to see business owners operate profitable and saleable businesses through education and action. Kirsten and her daughter have made their home in Queensland, Australia and she is devoted to building a community for the business-minded.

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Your company in my journey makes the way seem shorter — Kirsten Lowis


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