This year: Magic

To my beloved friends. Another year has rolled around….

My word 2017 was LOVE and as a passionate, fierce and independent woman, I own a history of loving people that tried very hard to dim the light out of me.

It has almost been four years since I left a very dark corner of my life and began paving a bright new path for myself, and through white knuckles, clenched jaw and stiff backbone I am accomplished.

Today, on the last day of 2017, I am so proud to say that instead of trying to run away, there has been a movement within which has helped me sift though what is real, and what is of value and what deserves to stay. This is the first year I can truly and fully own the power of my own light, and shine without trepidation.

2017 has been remarkable for shattering my story about love, and I have began rewriting it using my history which made me realise that loving emotional unavailables – through friction and force – never truly invited me to show up as a brighter, lighter version of myself. That was my biggest lesson of 2017 – and perhaps my life.

This year, I call on the word “MAGIC” to bring me closer to myself and those who stay and truly value me, so that I can continue to honour my wholeness, accept my simpleness, accept both the tall and trembling parts so I can rise into an open, ready and waiting beautiful woman that is not perfect, but instead will allow my whole self to be more present, loveable and peaceful.

My word for 2018 is “MAGIC” – to produce marvels using my hidden natural forces. Thank you for your LOVE and friendship. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
x Kirsten
This is a photo of my Fathers precious hands holding his cherished words of wisdom. #blessed

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