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Hi Business Friends!

Happy New Year!

Quick question to kick off my new Blog in 2018…

How many things are you focused on at the moment?  A lot, right? If so, you’re most likely not achieving what you want from your business or life.

After many years in business (kissing a few toads along the way), I’ve learned first hand that the key to getting what you want lies in achievement, and what you achieve is directly influenced by focus. If you don’t keep your eye on it, you most likely wont achieve it. Trust me…Try catching a ball with your eyes closed.

Just focus sometimes isn’t enough. Think of a 60 watt light globe shining on Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane you can imagine that the light globe has a wide focus of energy and gets very little result.  Picture the same 60 watts as a laser it doesn’t need to light the entire field, just light up the target.

As a rule, I’ve found that the crucial key to success, business or personal, is laser-like focus strategically, operationally, functionally, personally. To put it bluntly, for me it’s having a bloody-minded determination to stick to your goal with an unwavering commitment to achieving – I call it a core desire. Core desires are those things you have your heart set on what you want to be, have or do most.  You may think that identifying these core desires would be easy, but people often tell me “I don’t know what I want, Kirsten. Please help me“. This dilemma affects people of all age groups and crosses all political, social and economic lines.

Identifying your core desires can be easy as honestly answering these two search questions:

  1. What would I like to have that I don’t have now?
  2. If I had that, was that, or could do that, what would it give me and how would it make me feel?

Now, it gets interesting… You now need to measure the intensity of your desire, and then you would have found your list of things that matter most in your life. As for the things you HAVE  to do ask a mentor or a friend to check your thinking with you. Often times people get so caught up in their habits, and they’re doing things that they no longer desire meaning time is misapplied and focus lost.

So the key to getting what you want is to FOCUS only on those things that impact directly and powerfully in achieving your core desire.

Yours in business,

#Kirsten Lowis


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