When times get tough…

We seem to be bombarded constantly with news of the difficulties faced by business. Unprecedented stock market losses, falling industrial investments, more bureaucracy, credit worries, spending in decline are we in recession, or is it merely a ‘severe downturn’?

Is it all bad news? Certainly not. Is there anything a businessperson can do to overcome these pressures? Absolutely, but success in these challenging times is never easy.  As always, it demands commitment, hard work and an obsession with customer service.

In difficult economic times, many businesses focus on cutting costs an understandable and generally prudent thing to do. But some try to cut costs by cutting corners on customer service. This is exactly the wrong thing to do. Right now, service matters more than ever.

So, remember that service is the currency that keeps our economy moving.  I serve you in one business, you serve me in another. When either of us improves, the economy gets a little better.  When both of us improve, people are sure to take notice. When everyone improves, the whole economy grows stronger and there is no longer any reason for the depressing headlines to which we’ve become so accustomed.

Together, we can all start looking after our customers and let the economy look after itself.

Work hard. Play hard.


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