Getting away


Crazy and ridiculous things happen in unfamiliar places when we remove ourselves from the “safe zone” and dare to imagine what life would be like living as a “local” in another country. That can only enrich my life – and make me a better women – a better human, I just know it!

Getting away this week with my daughter Kedda for a few precious days, without wifi most of the time, has disrupted my habits, routines and mindset. As I flew over the enormous sea of cloud, I realised that the real act of a travel adventure is not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new, fresh eyes. Above all else, I know that this adventure has unravelled me, uncovering special places within myself that I have neglected, especially as a mother.

It’s been an enormous life so far so will continue making beautiful, new memories and as mother and daughter, and we keep building our lives from the inside out, with love and freedom as our lighthouse.

Sending love,

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