A Love Note for Working Mums…

It only feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant, but 20 years has flown by like a flash. That tiny, precious baby that I had longed for my whole life was suddenly a reality.

The birth of my baby was going to be the new birth of me and a whole new adventure. But, mixing Babies and business? How hard can it be? Well, I learned quickly that never have two things had such contrast and yet be so intertwined.

If you are a mother who has a dream to be a business owner and mum, but don’t have time to shave your legs, don’t worry – everything will be ok. I promise that you don’t stop being a mother when you work on your business and you certainly don’t stop being a business owner when you are being a mother. At times, it can feel like a boxing match trying to get these two responsibilities to align. But luckily for us, the world is full of strong, incredible women who show us what is possible and reinforce the fact that we are good mothers, doing good things.

Today, I met baby Nash. Holding his tiny 6-day old body in my hands was so precious, and reminded me of how perplexed I was early on in motherhood, thinking about how I still wanted to do things, be things, achieve things and change things for the better and wondering why this was coming up with such force. And that’s when I realised sometimes, you don’t lose yourself when you have a baby. Sometimes, you finally find yourself. Despite my daughter often being the first to arrive at daycare and the last to leave, she is my by far the best friend and life companion I will ever have. My daughter and her positive and happy attitude is the result of me following my business dreams fearlessly.

And so, if you can relate to my story then I want to leave you with this:

It is OK to want to build a beautiful business while your baby is young.

It is OK to want more so you can build an ideal life for you and your family.

Sending love,

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