This year: Engage

My word for 2018 was “MAGIC” and I squeezed the life out of every one of the 31,530,000 magical seconds to reset, organise, experience and catalogue my life so that I could quantify it, confirm it and remember it. Forgetting has been an indulgence. Nothing heals the past like time. This year, I have clung to snapshots of my extraordinary life. For the most part, it has been moving pictures, each second different from the last forcing me to change, grow and adapt. Every day, every moment, there has been change. I have learned that life is a series of adjustments, which more often has been wrenching and difficult, but maybe that’s a good thing because I have remained strong, resilient and connected.

About you, me and the new year… I recently read about the red thread of fate. It’s an ancient Chinese myth that says that the Gods have a red thread which attaches the ankles of all the people whose lives are destined to meet. This thread may stretch or tangle, but it’ll never break. It’s all predetermined by mathematical probability. The more I think about it, the more magical it is that you, my friend, have a thread connected to me – right here and now as you read every one of my words. Even if we haven’t spoken in a while, or we haven’t met yet or when all hope between us seems lost, our connection cannot be broken. Each tie defines who we are and who we can become. Across space, across time, along paths that we cannot foresee, nature will find a way.

My word for 2019 is “ENGAGE” – to offer (something, such as one’s life or word) as backing to a cause or aim. We are a giant mosaic of human patterns and proportions amongst the 7 billion people living on earth, and here we are connected to each other. This year, let’s make it our cause or aim to reach out and engage with each other again, and trust in where the paths meet. Brain to brain, heart to heart. Thank you for your friendship.

x Kirsten

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