Good News Story

Something REALLY special happened to me on Australia Day and I must share with you.

I received an unexpected gift in the post. A pay it forward moment. A gesture that changed my day. A moment I will never forget.

Why? Because, last year I gifted my experience in business to help a young lady who posted an SOS message via a Facebook forum. Bec unexpectedly and tragically lost her soul mate, Shane. I don’t know the details except that he was truly loved by many and left this earth way too soon.

Shane and Bec had started a tour business in Cairns (North Queensland, Australia), and now Bec needed to sell it – but had no idea where to start. By the grace of God, we connected, and over a week or so in Facebook messenger, I shared some support, tips and guidance on the process of selling her own business. Simply my pleasure and privilege to help. A gift.

Now…I have sold hundreds of businesses over the years. But those of you who have never sold a business may not fathom the extraordinary difficulty of such an undertaking without experience, on top of dealing with heartbreak, loss, grief and financial pressure. The good news is that within a short amount of time, Bec was fortunate to find the perfect buyer. She shared the wonderful news with me by offering some loving words in a review on my Facebook page – where we met almost 12 months ago. We became friends too.

I opened the parcel last night, and I unwrapped a T-shirt Bec ( designed and embellished with photographs that her beloved Shane captured along his adventures in Far North Queensland. A tribute. A legacy. A memory. An inspiration. A token of gratitude. Lifeblood. Holding this gift was a reminder to me of the importance of unexpected reciprocation. My heart is warm.

The moral to this story is that everywhere, people are dealing with their own private battles, and now more than ever, be on the lookout for how your gifts and talents could help someone in need- for the good, not the profit. Be kind.

Love always wins.
x Kirsten



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