Kirsten lowis

Time Heals Everything

5 years ago today,
Leaving him was not enough.
I had to stay gone.
For her, for us.
Train my heart like a dog.
Grow in the uneasiness.
Accept the uncertainty.
I changed the locks,
Choosing the mess.
What a mess!
I pulled down the bridge between our houses.
I am no longer the same.
Where I was once open,
I am now closed…
Weathered and see-through,
Lovely. Always lovely.
Hardworking. Always busy.
I do not wish away my broken past
Or stiff jaw.
The storm has watered my roots,
And cleansed my spirit.
All while Mother moon guided me
Delivering her teachings in the dark,
Reminding me that
I need less than I think,
And think more than I need,
That my troubles are just paper lions,
That Home is the world within me,
And my work is my heart space.
I am now ready for the powerful season of becoming.
I am grateful.
Forgiveness feels warm,
Like a tear on my cheek.
I have found my true self.
That’s all.
The rest is confetti.

Here’s to strong women everywhere and the men who deeply love and respect them. May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

Sending love,

#IWD19 #InternationalWomensDay#BalanceForBetter #iwd2019

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