Dear Superwoman…

Superwoman. You want it all!!! A successful business, a nice house in a good suburb, work flexibly, good friends, long holidays, private schools for your kids and the latest technology to make your life (seem) easier. But… Can we actually have all this and attain the elusive Life Balance?

I often speak with Businesswomen about common struggles of starting a business, growing a business and how I, too, struggled to create life balance on my own journey. The truth is, we are not Superwoman and life as a Businesswoman gets bloody scary at times, especially when we are low on finances and energy.

Never before has business needed to pivot with such rapid speed and rely on the strength and fortitude of resilient leaders. We are being told be agile, innovative and disruptive and if we are not doing all these things, we are apparently in “trouble”. But what do these buzz words actually mean? Laws and legislation cannot keep up with the rate of innovation, industry is struggling, and we are stressing about what changes business needs to make to ensure relevance.

Remember this: you are a Businesswoman – not Superwoman! Back yourself. Enjoy the journey. Stop and celebrate your successes. Surround yourself with great people. Learn to problem solve. Be kind to yourself and good luck.

Yours in business,
Kirsten x

Image courtesy of (my gorgeous friend) Sonya Fetherstonhaugh

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