What is the value of your business?

What is your business really worth on today’s market? My How to Value your Business Master Class examines your personal readiness as well as the level of systems and documentation that you have in the business. This all equates to tangible and/or intangible ‘value’.

This is a unique Master Class that is not only underpinned with business valuation methodologies, it considers “what” a buyer wants when they purchase your business. The purpose of writing and delivering this course to you is to provide you with a sound understanding of what you need if, and indeed when, you choose to sell your business. The more knowledge you have, and the more presentable your business is, the more likely you will sell at a higher price. Otherwise, keep going or wind it up!

For more information on how to enrol in the next How to Value your Business course, send me a direct message HERE

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