The freedom of time is amazing!

12 months
52 weeks
365 days
8760 hours
525,600 minutes
31,536,000 seconds

That’s just one year.

Most people who bring in a wage trade time for money, but business owners and entrepreneurs usually only do such a thing after all the wheels are turning, and that can take years.

My career is Business Ownership. For almost 20 years, I have been helping people Start or Buy a business, trained and coached people on how to Grow their business to create more value so that they can make a passive income or eventually sell, and also in some (sad) cases where the business is not able to be sold, I have helped with closing or winding up shop.

As a business owner, if I stopped, I stopped producing income. And that is exactly what happened last year when the global pandemic hit – and it hit hard and it hit unexpectedly! It was at this time in my career that I was forced to stop and reflect on the things that I have been putting off and what was important to me moving forward, into a post-pandemic business world.

So I dived into a full-bodied creative endeavour, and started writing…

Indeed, the freedom of time is amazing.

For one (1) year, it was me against every-freakin-minute, and I made sure I won every time.

The outcome…

I wrote the “How to” Series: Start, Buy, Grow, Value, Sell and Close a business.

6 courses
6 workbooks
62,000 words
248 (A4) pages

This is a collection of my most important life’s work and a profound achievement. These courses are written for EVERYONE who is interested in learning more about business ownership. I am very excited to announce the world-wide launch of these courses via the new @zoominbusiness platform. Doors open on the 1st September (just 3 weeks from today).

To find out more about enrolments, or to register for my Free Webinar, go to

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