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My name is Kirsten Lowis and I am a passionate and committed business enthusiast, and I have been a business owner for over 17 years, specialising in business valuation and sales. I have also started and sold my own businesses, so I really understand your desire to one day successfully sell yours.

So, how can I help you in your business? My day-to-day work involves the “business” of business by calculating value and risk in a business before it hits the market.  If it’s not ready, I will show you how.  Along with the Zoom in Business ( suite of training products, my checklists and mentoring will help you get ready to sell your business for what it’s truly worth.

When we start working together, you will find that I am very organised, disciplined, determined and exceptionally clever at the “business” of business. Regardless of which stage you are at in your business, I can help by always keeping risk vs. value at the forefront of our work together. It’s also really important that you know that I walk the talk and have learned many valuable lessons along my journey, in particular, the process of reducing the risk in my businesses by surrounding myself with the right people, developing systems and processes in order to protect my own products and brands and create higher value in my own company.

Also, I am always reading, studying, reviewing and sharing information from the hundreds of books, seminars, courses, and classes I’ve attended over the years.  I also welcome you to my blog where I hope that you find some nuggets o’ wisdom to apply to your life or business.

Finally, I’m here to help your business become ready, attractive and profitable so I can sell it to a willing buyer. The advantage working with me is that I manage the sales process while you continue the day-to-day operation of your business. Your play in the game will be to dig deep, stay focused, non-emotional and make sure your business is in order for any buyer who is serious about buying your business. Goal!

I sincerely look forward to joining you…

Yours in business,

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